CareWorks Tech has been a proud sponsor of the GetWITit (formerly Women in Tech) conference and non-profit organization since the founding year in 2015. In 2018, the conference team opened a Youth Track opportunity for 30 middle-school girls, involved with an eSTEM (Environmental, Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) program, to attend the GetWITit conference. Our team at CareWorks Tech was ecstatic for an opportunity to sponsor 5 of the 30 middle-school girls to attend the Youth Track program.

But we didn’t want the support of the future women in tech to stop there.

Shortly after the conference, we connected with the principal and staff of the local High School eSTEM program, where many of these middle school girls would eventually attend. At the conclusion of a student-led tour of the school, we quickly recognized a need for supporting more young ladies to pursue their education in the eSTEM program – and eventually careers. Three of our female staff members visited and spoke at the school to share about the importance of technology and the endless career possibilities for women in technology. Students enjoyed hearing about our staff career experiences and learning about opportunities that exist in the tech industry.

Following that visit, middle school and high school students have been able to tour the CareWorks Tech office, on two different occasions, to learn more about opportunities that exist in the tech industry. It is inspiring to see so many young women interested in technology and determined to advance their education in this field.  

This summer, CareWorks Tech will be supporting the first GetWITit girlCON event on June 12, 2019. This Youth Conference will provide hands-on experience with today’s technology for 150 young ladies between 7th through 10th grade. We are proud to help organize the event and continue to support this organization and their mission.