When you’re looking to hire an IT provider, you want a company with some swagger. We aren’t referring to the pompous, arrogant, or “know-it-all” type of swagger; businesses need to hire a technology firm that has the type of swagger that boasts self-confidence, self-assurance and “can handle it” mentality.

If you’re in the market to outsource your IT, it’s critical to get the right fit for your needs. Any IT provider will try and sell you their goods but it’s essential that you fire back with the right questions that will uncover whether or not they meet the needs of your company. At CareWorks Tech, we’ve met with many CIO’s and IT leaders and here is what we’ve heard from all of them:

1.    What’s this going to cost?

Businesses thrive on numbers, especially if it’s going to cost them money. It’s important that you ask the potential IT provider what it’s going to cost your company and if there are any hidden fees. For example, is there a cost associated with upgrading computers and hardware as well as employee hiring and termination? Focusing on future state will allow you to determine how a provider’s model scales as your business changes.

CareWorks Tech offers fixed budget pricing that doesn’t change unless the environment of the company changes significantly. For example, if the company reduces its staff, the price of the contract will also be reduced. We do not charge setup or tear down fees for employee transitions.

2.    References?

Companies too often focus on whether or not a potential IT provider is currently serving companies in similar verticals. Every company needs IT no matter what industry they are in, but outsourced IT support is not vertical specific. A company looking for an IT provider should be certain to ask for referrals of companies similar in size and structure. For example, if you have 500 users in 20 locations you should find a provider that has experience in supporting a similar user count at multiple remote sites, especially if they are in different states. Be sure to ask how remote site visits are handled and what costs are associated.

3.    How do you handle support calls?

It is imperative that companies ask an IT provider what their strategy is for incident management; is it a phone call? Email based? Portal/web based? When our team at CareWorks Tech is faced with this question we make sure to simulate what it’s like to receive help as an end user. This way we can evaluate the current systems and processes a business may use, whether it be a ticket system, or discovery of inefficiencies in their current model. Companies should also question what tools and processes are used for monitoring, and if they can be granted access to those monitoring systems.

4.    How long will it take for you to solve my computer problem?

Companies don’t have time to waste when it comes to computer problems, so it’s necessary to ask how long it will take the IT provider to respond to a request. It is important for companies to know that providers cannot predict how long a problem will take to resolve; they can control how quickly they respond to the request. At CareWorks Tech, our customers appreciate the fact that we are forthcoming in the realization of how things get done. When shopping for an IT provider, you should expect them to guarantee a response time as part of their SLA (service level agreement) though the actual resolution time will fluctuate due to varying circumstances. For example, for priority “X” your response time is going to be “Y.”

CareWorks Tech has reported that 51% of IT incidents were solved in the first call and resolved in eight minutes; 49% of incidents were, on average, resolved in less than one business day.

5.    What kind of support do you offer?

The scope of work for any IT provider is based on the needs of your company. Businesses need to assess their current IT situation and create an “IT Wish List” before meeting with a potential provider. Does your business need day-to-day support or project support? Onsite support? Do you need help with vendor management? Cloud services?

CareWorks Tech is a single provider for many IT solutions. We provide both day-to-day and project support options. We also handle vendor management for a business. What does this mean? If your company uses programs such as SalesForce, we work directly with the application support team to solve any IT issues that may arise, eliminating your frustrations of finger pointing between support vendors. This also helps combat the loss of productivity suffered by a customer’s staff when dealing with technology vendor issues as opposed to performing critical job functions.

Interested in learning how CareWorks Tech can help your business?

At CareWorks Tech our model is built around co-managing our IT services with our customers. We have set out to make our business more customer-centric where we share ideas, provide access to our solutions and resources, and create a program that is tailored to the needs of our customers. We strive to learn everything about the company we work with and understand how we can better their business as a whole.

We solve business problems by listening to customers and working hard.

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