I have been with CareWorks Tech for almost 15 years. I am a living example of the type of career that one can achieve with hard work and dedication at CareWorks. I share my story as an inspiration to all employees to take advantage of opportunities when working in a culture that encourages employee engagement.

I started in customer service back in 2006. I am from Colombia and also speak Spanish, so I was a great fit for this opportunity. After six months, I applied for a workers’ compensation position in the billing department and then moved in an adjustment position. While in the billing department, my love of computers was an asset as I started fixing my co-workers computers. The IT director, who was an amazing leader, recognized the value in starting a help desk department and asked me to join that team. It was one of the greatest days in my life. I am so thankful for all that I learned and the opportunities I was given because of my hard work and dedication and what I brought to the table.

Then there is the best part of my story: When the ServiceNow administrator left CareWorks, Bob asked if I would be up to the challenge. I took on the role of ServiceNow administrator for the entire CareWorks MCO and I ran with it. After two years in this role, I met with the ESM director and was offered a ServiceNow developer position. This amazing opportunity was difficult at the beginning because I worked onsite at Nationwide to represent CareWorks Tech. I was eventually promoted to Technical Consultant and Nationwide continues to be happy with my work.

Working for Careworks Tech has changed my life. Whatever my future career holds, I know it’ll be at CareWorks Tech because everything that I am and that I have that is work-related has been thanks to CareWorks Tech, I started out answering phones and transferring calls and today develop software and write code. I believe CareWorks Tech will support anyone’s career when they put in the hard work and are dedicated.

My path has not always been easy and sometimes it took longer than expected to advance, but CareWorks Tech’s culture deserves the credit for where I am today. With hard work and dedication, there is no limit to what an employee can accomplish.