In business the technology we use has become a utility–just like the water we drink and the electricity we use to turn the lights on. However we have all experienced scenarios like these:

  • 5 minutes before a big presentation in front of management–and the WiFi goes down.
  • Need to access that file at home to finish up some last minute edits for a customer proposal that is due.
  • The website for streaming the NCAA tournament on the first Thursday is blocked.

Maybe the last one is just me……..

In the end however all of these scenarios share a common thread—we need IT support help to get us up and running and performing the work we need to do to get the job done. What do you or your employees do in these scenarios? Do they try and troubleshoot on their own? In frustration have they found a work around that may put business data in jeopardy? Perhaps they suffer in silence resulting in inefficiency, OR Do they pick up the phone and give IT a call without hesitation?

In our world today–the experiences and satisfaction of our internal customers is just as important as that of our external paying customers. To continue to grow and add business, you need employees excited about their job, and the ability to recruit and add new talent quickly. To CareWorks Tech, the technology a company leverages and their ability to support it, is one of those positives that attract and keep your best workers. That is why we place such a high importance on our individual customer satisfaction with every incident we work.

Our success with our clients is based on our ability of the support team to be an enabler of employee success each and every day. The CareWorks Tech help desk support solution is designed with employees in mind and built to make employee lives easier. We value our employee-centric IT customer services, and it starts in our on-boarding process. We will work with marketing to promote our services internally–making sure every employee knows who to contact for ANY issue, whether it be through our web portal or with a direct phone call. Customers will talk to a LIVE person based out of our headquarters with each and every call. An overwhelming majority of our support tickets are closed on this first call.

The first time your employee or co-worker calls us is critical to the ongoing success and relationship we have with that end user. So we treat each and every call like it is that end users first experience, and each support tech is measured based off of a customer experience survey. These survey results are reviewed constantly–and are our measuring stick as to how successful each client relationship is.

In the end–we know that our IT Support is just as important as the water and electricity your organization uses. We are a partner and utility for your business and our success is based on your success and experience. If you would like to learn more, reach out. We would be happy to talk about how we work to create that positive IT support experience.