Take a Byte Out of Hunger

Kaitlin Burt 01-14-2019

In honor of the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday, Dublin based companies CareWorks Tech and Expedient have kicked off a friendly food collection competition, Take a Byte Out of Hunger.

Myth of a Salesman

Alan Minton 12-10-2018

We spend a lot of time focusing on culture at CareWorks Tech. It is critical to our success and future growth. With the employment environment in Columbus as competitive as it is we need to make sure we have a corporate culture that supports our employees and customers.

How Culture Can Bring Out the Best in Employees

Dario Echeverri 11-17-2018

I have been with CareWorks Tech for almost 15 years. I am a living example of the type of career that one can achieve with hard work and dedication at CareWorks. I share my story as an inspiration to all employees to take advantage of opportunities when working in a culture that encourages employee engagement. […]

Women in Tech

Kim Liston 11-05-2018

For the past 20 years society has recognized that the Information Technology space has taken the world by storm with incredible advancements in operations and programming. But the best kept secret in IT today is the shift in its workforce.

Shopping for an IT provider? Here’s What to Ask Them.

Jason Linn 10-17-2018

When you’re looking to hire an IT provider, you want a company with some swagger. We aren’t referring to the pompous, arrogant, or “know-it-all” type of swagger; businesses need to hire a technology firm that has the type of swagger that boasts self-confidence, self-assurance and “can handle it” mentality.

Tech Tips: Interviewing

Halden Studlien 10-11-2018

As a Technical Recruiter I spend my days sourcing, people networking, recruiting and hiring highly qualified Information Technology (IT) Professionals who can help the growth of the CareWorks Tech team.

Eliminating the Permission Factor

Alan Minton 10-01-2018

What is permission? To give permission is to give someone consent, to allow them to do something, to give them the opportunity.

Are all Clouds created equal?

Ryan Falk 09-27-2018

Cloud computing has drastically changed the way most companies around the world do business. The concept is not new, however the way we approach and use the cloud has changed drastically over the last few years. So as we look to do more with even less, how do we know what cloud provider is right for our business? Are all cloud providers the same?

Creating a positive IT support experience

Ryan Falk 09-20-2018

In business the technology we use has become a utility–just like the water we drink and the electricity we use to turn the lights on. However we have all experienced scenarios like these: